No Country for Old Catz

(This was an old draft from April 28, 2012) The amazing docs at UC Davis we’re gonna spring me for good behavior on Friday, but thought some extra fluids to balance out my kidney values would be helpful. And also, my hoomans needed some practice with the feeding tube. So to catch y’all up, a week ago I went under the knife for kidney stones.

The crack team of feline surgeons gave me two kidney stents to help bypass the faulty kidneys. Not too thrilled about getting fed “slurry” (cat food milkshake) — but soon I get to eat the good stuff.

After an extended ICU “vacation,” I will be able to wreak havoc as usual at home, with some adjustments, of course.

This is the little alter to the Goddess of 9 Lives that was waiting for me at home.

It’s a little chilly without my usual fur coat, but this faux hawk is hip!


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