Knocking on Heaven’s Door

Sorry to say that this is my final post, feline friends & fans. Monday I earned my wings to Kitty Heaven and fulfilled my extended, robust 10th Life on Earth.


My new-fangled bionic kidney stents from UC Davis, and all the care from SF Vet Speicalists & Presidio Way Vets, gave me the super hero power to fight the good fight against renal failure for 8 months against all odds and with dignity and playfulness, perserving my irreverent dog-like personality. There was no whining or howling, just plenty of Nip, Filet, and Love.


My final day was mostly calm: sunbathing, sipping from the faucets, and watching the birds from every window, while my watchful hooman made me comfortable in any basket, closet, nook, and cranny of my choice. I was trying to keep my spirits up for Team O’Neill, Mark & Chris, to return that night from their triumphant victory at the Sarasota Tuff Mudder in Florida — but the Goddess of Nip called to me before they were wheels-down. Sorry, boys — I got distracted! Love you, mans!

My hoomans would like to share their gratitude for you all keeping hope & humor alive in my challenging “sitcheeation.”

Hugs & Hairballs (& Love),
<3<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3 <3<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3<3<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3
<3<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3 <3<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3<3<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3~<3

On Monday, Dec 3, our loved, pampered, indomitable kitty, Gary, went gentle into that good night.

We'd like to thank everyone who treated him as family, and allowed us to share his antics with them. And especially all the vets & their staff, medical assistants & students, special supplies vendors, friends, and colleagues who helped us make Gary's "new normal" situation manageable.

Unfathomable appreciation to Team Gary:

> UC Davis Small Animal Hospital : Dr. Elizabeth Craig, Casey Cohen, & the amazing, medical break-through techniques of the feline kidney surgery team for saving him for another 9 lives.

> Presidio Way Vet : Dr. Mike Moran for giving us hope & reality checks on how much of an unexpected anomaly Gary was. Dr. Kalia Helmer for diving into with compassion & urgency. Amanda Moorehead, the vet assistant who found the Cat Sack–the only way we could administer daily subQ fluids & not commit murder (of husbands, wives, pets, etc.).

> SF Vet Specialists : Drs. Craig Maretzky & Alan Stuart for the top-notch, state-of-the-art managed care with extreme brain power, passion, and compassion, never over prescribing or losing consideration for Gary’s– and his hoomans’ — quality of life.

> Kitty Donna is the Go-To person for all supplies that make the overwhelming situation of having an esophagial feeding tube for daily meds/food/fluids a manageable, and welcome, attachment that saves your kitty’s life. Her self-made Kitty Kollars are the best invention EVER. And her silicon syringes are absolute hand-and-life savers. Her website and personal guidance assured us we were not alone, and that it is possible to continue a good life with such a dire prognosis.

> The Feline Chronic Renal Failure website : Oodles of details or just community support when we needed it.

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